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LAN controller monitoring ETH+ 7IN+1 Relè OUT

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LAN controller is a simple, but innovative device which has long been lacking in the market network solutions. A small board serves as a web server which presents the various sensor readings and allows you to remotely control up to 6 outputs. Additionally Events Config feature allow you to setup the appropriate action when sensor readings met certain conditions, for example relay can turn up heater when temperature goes down bellow fixed temperature. ISP can use watchdog function, it check the ping up to 5 network devices, and if no response runs the relays. Useful for many applications can be a Scheduler, that allows turn on / off the devices at a specified time or for a specified period of time. There is also PWM output to control brightness of light or an electric motor speed. For far from socket installation board could be powered by passive PoE supply. Few versions of firmware is available today, each is still developed and after publication customer could upgrade it by preapred software. In Accessory are presented all sensors and upgrade kits compatible with Lan Controller.

Basic features:

  • 5 analog inputs: temperature, voltage, current (by additional boards) and another physics measurements
  • 1 digital input for 1wire bus with support for 4 or 6 temperature sensors.
  • 1 relay output (NO, NC, C)
  • 1 transistor output up to 1A
  • 4 outputs to switch relays or transistors
  • 4 PWM outputs 2,6KHz - 4MHz
  • supply voltage and temperature monitoring on board
  • reverse polarization protection


  • interface: ethernet 10Mbit/s
  • relay: 255VAC 10A

download documentation or firmware

Consumo (W)1W
Tensione in entrata8-28 V
Temperatura Operativada -20° a +85° C
PoE INsi

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