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Sector Antenna 15 dBi 2,4GHz 180° Vert. Pol. with Box

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Double sector antenna for the frequency of 2,4 GHz with a pouch integrated. Antenna has a gain of 15 dBi and a horizontal beamwidth of 180 degrees.
Big box cover enables for easy access to an installed equipment and an antenna connector. The box has holes for two NFemale type connectors allowing for easy connecting the next radio interfaces outside. A screwed mounting-standoffs placed on a back antenna screen allow for easy and safe mounting of RouterBoard products of the series of: 411, 433 and 711. The LAN port of these boards is located in the back of the big and waterproof pass-through unit, which has a operation diameter allowing for passing RJ-45 connector without necessity of its recrimping or a case disassembling.
It’s predicted for 802.11a/n 2x2 MIMO 2,4 GHz base stations which radiate both MIMO signal beams in the vertical polarization. Thanks to utilize of only one polarization for both transmitted signals, increase of transmission doesn’t involve the other polarization. It allows to save available radio spectrum and make possible to use MIMO antennas advantages in strong urban enviroments (halls, warehouses). Works excellent in case of the client installation with a signle polarity 802.11b/g antenna (better transmission and better SNR factor), a single polarity 802.11n antenna (better transmission, SNR factor and faster transmission up to 150Mbps) or two antennas with the same polarization – 2x2 MIMO (better transmission, SNR factor and transmission increase up tp 300Mbps).

antenna typedouble sector
frequency range2,4 - 2,5 GHz
gain15 dBi
polarizationdouble vertical
vertical beam width17 °
horizontal beam width180 °
input impedance50 Ohm
back ratioN/A dB
connector2 x N/Female
wind load80 m/s
mountingpole mounting
set contentantenna, mounting brackets, manual
dimensions530x150x75 mm
weight600 g
packagecardboard box

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