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Cloud Core Router 1036-12G-4S-EM

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CCR1036-12G-4S is an carrier grade router with a cutting edge 36 core Tilera CPU! Unprecedented power and unbeatable performance - this is our new flagship.
device. Over 20 times faster than our previous top model, the Cloud Core supports throughput of up to 24 million packets per second, or up to 16 gigabits - full wire speed.
The device comes in a 1U rackmount case, has four SFP ports, twelve Gigabit ethernet ports, serial console and a USB port. A color touchscreen displays device status, traffic graphs, or provide access to simple configuration options.
It has two SODIMM slots, by default it is shipped with 16GB of RAM.
The cloud core router is powered by RouterOS, a fully featured routing operating system which has been continuously improved for fifteen years. Dynamic routing, hotspot, firewall, MPLS, VPN, advanced quality of service, load balancing and bonding, real-time configuration and monitoring - just a few of the vast number of features supported by RouterOS.
Pre-production samples for evaluation purposes will be available from Distributors, starting December 2012. Place your order for test units with your Distributor now!


Architettura CPUTile GX
Frequenza CPU1200MHz
Memoria RAM16GB
Consumo (W)60W
Temperatura OperativaMax ambient temperature 50C @1.2Ghz; 70C @1Ghz CPU core frequency
Scheda Wireless integrataNo
Slot MiniPCI"0"
Porte Gigabit EthernetYes
Power JackIEC C14 standard connector 110/220V (PSU included)
Voltage MonitorYes
PCB temperature monitorNo
CPU temperature monitorYes
Monitoraggio Corrente (A)Yes
Sistema OperativoRouterOS v6 (64bit)
Livello di LicenzaL6
Porte SFP4

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