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APOE03 Alfa Power over Ethernet (PoE) Redundant Industrial
The APOE03 Power over Ethernet (PoE) Passive Injector delivers both data and electrical power to passive PoE devices using a single Ethernet cable. Using PoE you eliminate the need to place an Ethernet device, such as a wireless access point or IP Camera giving you more freedom. The installation is simple and easy for APOE03 it does not require any tools or software. Plug the APOE03 into a power outlet and connect the APOE03 to your passive PoE device using any standard Ethernet cable. Once APOE03 setup has been completed the output power is compatible to any 5VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC, 57VDC (Max. 48W) Passive PoE-enable device.
Support Fast Ethernet Passive PoE-enable device (PIN 1/2/3/4 Data. PIM 4/5/7/8 Power).
Provide both data and electrical power to Passive PoE-enabled device.
Support Wide Range input/output DC Power (5V – 57V at Max.48W) Dual.
DC Power Input – 3-pin Screw Terminal Block and Power Jack Wall mount ability.

PowerPIN 4/5, 7/8
DataPIN ½, 3/6
Data InConnects PC/HUB/Switch
Ethernet Data Rate10/100TX Mbps
Ethernet CableCat.5 / Cat.5e / Cat.6
Ethernet Cable ConnectorRJ45
Support Input Voltage5V – 57V (Max.48W)
Support Output Voltage5V – 57V (Max.48W)
Built-In LED IndicatorsPower
>Operating Temperature-0°C ~ 40°C
Storage Temperature-20°C ~ 60°C
Operating Humidity10% to 80% Non-Condensing
Storage Humidity5% to 90% Non-Condensing
Power Supply110 – 220V AC Power ; 5V – 57V DC input
Unit Dimensions67*67*24mm (W*L*H)
Unit Weight40g
Tensione in entrata12-57V
Temperatura Operativa0-40°C

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